Parse/Assemble SGQR

This tool parses/assembles a SGQR code (Singapore Quick Response Code) as per The parser code is available here. Recording of my talk here.

Use the camera below or a QR Code reader app to read a SGQR code and paste the contents in the textbox below.
(Apr 2023: browser access to camera may not work in Google Chrome but should still work in Firefox and iOS Safari)

Sample SGQR from ChannelNewsAsia article :
00020101021126810011SG.COM.NETS01231198500065G9912312359000211111686614000308686614019908604108C251800007SG.SGQR01121809072DD85C020701.00010306079027040201050206060400000708201809155204581253037025802SG5912SOBA EXPRESS6009Singapore630457B3